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We work with some of the most cutting edge technologies open web has to offer. Building on best of breed open technologies allows us to build amazing apps which are fast, secure and scalable.

Python and Django

Python is an easy to use and mature language with strong community and open source roots. It is used by some of the the largest corporations like Google and Nasa, and is yet liked by startups.

Django is "the Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines." It is the most widely used Python based web framework.

We have been working with Django since 2009. We use it everyday and we contribute to the Django ecosystem by releasing high quality open source apps. Find about them on Github.

We have built Saas apps, custom CMSes and other high traffic websites. We have built payment systems and APIs - both as a consumer and as an API provider. Django and Python have always proved the best tools and we are proud to recommend them to our clients.

Postgres and MySql

Postgres is a mature open source database. It is highly standard compliant, supports advanced database features and available for all platforms.

MySql is one of most popular databases and powers some of the largest sites. It is backed by Oracle.

We use either Postgres or Mysql depending on the requirements. We also use non-relational no-sql solutions such as Redis or MongoDB, depending on the requirements.

Phonegap, Java and Objective-C

Building amazing apps require use of many heterogenous technologies. For some apps, HTML5 might be a good idea. Others require native or a hybrid approach.

Our clients expect us to build apps which delight the users, and we use diverse techologies to build this. We have built apps for both Android and iOS.

jQuery, Sencha Touch, Cofeescript and more

Javascript is the language which binds the web. Whether you want your web app to be snazzy or your HTML5 mobile app to interact with the device you will need Javascript.

We use modern tools for Javascript development including jQuery, Coffeescript, Backbone.js, Sencha Touch and more.

  • The folks at Agiliq have been integral to us and they clearly show the same passion and drive for our product as we do. We are very proud to be working alongside a team of true experts who understand all aspects of our projects and execute with quality results.

    Suggestar Founders - Suggestar

  • We approached Agiliq to work with us on a complicated project in a time when we were under real pressure. I was and am impressed with Shabda's dedication to delivering great work. We're very appreciative of all the creative solutions to complicated problems. It's very rare to find a partner like Agiliq, but I'm glad we did. I would have no hesitation in recommending Shabda and his team.

    Johnny Kane - Cubedroute

  • I cannot say enough nice things about Lakshman and Shabda and Saikiran at Agiliq. They have been working continually for me for a long time now and I find their work to always be exemplary. They are innovative, determined, fearless and passionate about what they do. This combination is a rare breed that an entrepreneur such as myself will always pick over any other kind. You cannot ever do better than this team for complete knowledge of their industry, their specialties and their ability to integrate effectively with our other teams. Five Stars.

    Brian Weiner - Illusion Factory

  • Agiliq has exeprienced Python/Django developers. iServiceGlobe took the help of couple of Python/Django resources for an year. You can rely on Agiliq if you are looking for a reliable outsourcing partner to accomplish your projects within the budget.

    Srini Katta - iServiceGlobe

  • We have been working with Agiliq Solutions as an IT partner for the past year, and we are delighted with their performance. They are both extremely capable and extremely professional. When our goals and directions are unclear or when they see a better solution, they are quick to let us know. Then, once we have agreed on specifics and timing, they get it done within budget and on schedule. We look forward to continuing to work with them in the years to come.

    Bruce Campbell - Capitol Directories, Inc

  • Shabda has been a reliable provider for Django programming since our first project with this language. I would recommend Agiliq for any size project; Shabda has assembled a team unlike any other in the industry.

    Lane Campbell - Syntress Technologies

  • We're a pre-revenue software startup in Chicago with two non-technical founders and no one else. While that sounds like an oxymoron, it's not. Agiliq IS our technical team. We decided on them when we learned they are active in the GitHub and Hacker News communities. The development process has been enjoyable, and it's clear they are veterans. Shabda leads a diligent and competent crew with amazing communication skills. They speak and write better English than us - seriously, no joke! We see daily progress on our product, and are kept in the loop even when tickets fly from one Agiliq team member to another. We really know what's going on. Our product is nearly done, and we plan on working with Agiliq to iterate its next several versions.

    Subbu Arumugam - SugarSnap, LLC

  • The Agiliq team did a superb job of executing the development of the BuzzVote website on schedule and budget.

    Bruce Spector - Buzzvote, LLC

  • Collaborating with Agiliq enabled us to build a scalable, effective app and thanks to their good advice we managed to avoid some pitfalls that could have cost valuable hours later in the development process.

    Colby Palmer - Illusion Factory

  • We contracted Shabda to help us out with a very large project. The quality and timeliness of work was of a high priority for us and Shabda was able to deliver on both. We found him very efficient and was able to complete any work we sent through his way, no matter how complex or difficult. If you want quality work delivered on time then Shabda is your man!

    Steven Mallows - AdditionalView

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