Django-SocialAuth - Login via twitter, facebook, openid, yahoo, google using a single app.

By : Shabda Raaj

TL;DR version: Here is an app to allow logging in via twitter, facebook, openid, yahoo, google, which should work transparently with Django authentication system. (@login_required, User and other infrastructure work as expected.) Demo and Code.Longer version follow:

We are releasing our new app. Django-Socialauth. This app makes it awfully easy, to allow users to login your site using Yahoo/Google/Twitter/Facebook/Openid. A demo is available here.

This is released under an Attribution Assurance License. A copy of the same is provided included with the code.

After installing this app, you can use @login_required on any view ...

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Yahoo BOSS python api

By : lakshman

Yahoo has a search api with generous limits, BOSS. There are a few python apis around it. But we wanted a lighter api, and one which has the same interface as out Bing Python api. So here is the updated bingapi.(Now with as well). Or svn it from here


Usage is mostly compatible with bingapi

In [2]: from bingapi import bossapi

In [3]: api = bossapi.Boss('<appid>')

In [4]: api.do_web_search('Uswaretech')
Out[4]: ....

In [5]: api.do_news_search('salsa')
Out[5]: ...

In [6]: api.do_siteexplorer_search('')
Out[6]: .....

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