Create your own online store in few hours using satchmo (django)

By : rama

What is satcmo?

Satchmo is a django based framework which allows you to create an online store very quickly. Satchmo also offers powerful customizations which allows you to tune a store to your specific business needs.

Sample Demo Store :

Login details

  1. Use below mail and password to login into the site:
    Email : [email protected] password : welcome
  2. Use dummy credit card number like 4222-2222-2222-2222 (VISA) to make any purchases.

Above is the sample demo store which is being provided by satchmo outofbox just after installing it.

In this blog post we will discuss very basic ...

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Create a new social networking site in few hours using pinax platform (django).

By : rama

if you are excited to see how such a social networking site would like.Just follow the below link

We made the above site on pinax platform (Please note pinax has done most of things we have done very little).A platform for rapidly developing websites.

In this blogpost we will try to understand what pinax is? How it helps a developer to do things quickly? How to install & deploy? and various other things related to pinax.

What is Pinax?

In the present day world every website require components like regisration,openid support,some kind groups ...

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By : rama

image In today's web world  we can’t underestimate the importance of search engine traffic to a website.As this traffic plays a key role we must take care that our web pages are also search engine friendly.

WebPages in which the content is constructed and displayed  by AJAX is not search engine friendly.Such content is not accessible to the crawler , as the result those pages are  not indexed in the search engines  by which we may miss a certain amount of traffic from a search engine.

So before using AJAX on a webpage for displaying content you must ...

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Automatically backup mysql database to Amazon S3 using django (Python) script

By : rama

Many of us use Amazon S3 to backup  their mysql databases.As we do it so often we thought of writing an automated script which does this task of taking the backup of a mysql database and then moving it to the Amazon S3 .  Below is the django script .


   1: def upload_db_to_Amazons3():
   2: """ function which uploadd mysql database to amazon s3"""
   6: BUCKET_NAME = settings.BUCKET_NAME
  10: .....
  12: proc1 = subprocess.Popen(settings.MYSQL_DUMP_PATH+" --no-data  -u root -pwelcome   -x  --databases ...

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Understanding DateTime, tzinfo, timedelta & TimeZone Conversions in python

By : rama

python-logo 3289799486_fd7df39a73

In this post we will look at the common operations that are being performed on dates & time ,  converting  a datetime from one timzone to another timezone.

Common Operations:             How to get the present datetime?

In [189]: cdatetime =
In [190]: cdatetime
Out[190]: datetime.datetime(2009, 2, 17, 17, 34, 58, 407806)
It returns the current localdate and time.When i print cdatetime it  printed as a tuple of nine elements
(2009=year, 2=month, 17=day, 17=hour, 34=minutes, 58=seconds, 407806=microseconds, tzinfo is None and is not printed)
what each element in tuple represents ...

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Django popular stories Widget

By : rama

At uswaretech we strive hard to keep track of the latest happenings in Django.To assist  in this  we have created a Django popular stories widget which lists down the popular stories in django.We are writing about it as we wanted to share this widget to the django community to who, it may be helpful.Please have look at the widget which is appearing at the bottom of this post.And also the source code of this widget is available to everyone who want to use in their own applications.More details at the bottom of this post.

How ...

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