Generating pseudo random text with Markov chains using Python

By : Shabda Raaj

First the definition from Wolfram

A Markov chain is collection of random variables {X_t} (where the index t runs through 0, 1, ...) having the property that, given the present, the future is conditionally independent of the past.

Wikipedia is a little clearer

...Markov chain is a stochastic process with markov property ... [Which means] state changes are probabilistic, and future state depend on current state only.

Markov chains have various uses, but now let's see how it can be used to generate gibberish, which might look legit.

The algorithm is,

  1. Have a text which will serve as the corpus from ...

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By : rama

image In today's web world  we can’t underestimate the importance of search engine traffic to a website.As this traffic plays a key role we must take care that our web pages are also search engine friendly.

WebPages in which the content is constructed and displayed  by AJAX is not search engine friendly.Such content is not accessible to the crawler , as the result those pages are  not indexed in the search engines  by which we may miss a certain amount of traffic from a search engine.

So before using AJAX on a webpage for displaying content you must ...

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Building SEO optimised Django web applications

By : Shabda Raaj

This is an article about building SEO, optmised web applications with Django. I assume you already have an idea how Seo works. We will take the example of a hypothetical Blog app to explain the suggestions made.

Without further ado, here are the tips.


  1. Use beautiful URLs.
  2. Learn the difference between HTTP 301 and HTTP 302 redirects.
  3. Layout content in a SEO friendly way.
  4. Create a sitmaps.

Not so obvious

  1. Use the Admin to allow end users to update fields.
  2. Do not get your Url structures too deep.
  3. Create a robots.txt file.
  4. Link to your pages wisely.
  5. Minimise ...

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