Django-subdomains - Easily create subscription based subdomains enabled webapps

By : Shabda Raaj

A common goal in web application development is creating subscription based application, where users can use their domains.

For example,
1. Basecamp allows you to manage your project, and gives users as subdomain like 2. Blogger goes a step further, and allows you to use arbitrary domains with your domain, using Cnames.

django-subdomains is an application which makes both these possible, and allows you to charge the users using paypal.

More details are available here, but to whet your appetite, some details

  1. You want to allow users to create accounts.
  2. Users should get a subdomain for their ...

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Using Paypal with Django

By : Shabda Raaj

Paypal has a comprehensive API to use their services programatically. The ExpressCheckout API allows you to get the user's details and then process the payments on your servers. They include a SOAP and NVP API. With NVP you do a GET to the Paypal servers with Url encoded values, get responses in plain text and work with them.

The basic flow for ExpressCheckout is something like this,

  1. You make a SetExpressCheckout request to Paypal, passing your credentials and and the amount you want to charge etc.
  2. Paypal returns an response with ACK of SUCCESS and token which you need ...

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