Parable of the single sheep - Or How Google is destroying the internet, and nobody seems to know.

By : Shabda Raaj

This is a parable in two parts. Story and the Moral. If you are in a hurry you might want to skip ahead to the moral (But you miss the beautiful story).

The Story

Long ago was the kingdom of Foobr, a kingdom mostly of shepherds, who grazed their sheep under the benevolent but watchful eyes of their King Oggle. There were all types of shepherds in the kingdom, some had only a few sheep, and some had a few hundreds. The sheep too were of all types and varieties, some gave a ton of wool, and some only a ...

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An interview with Michael Trier

By : Shabda Raaj

Michael Trier is a long time Django user and evangelist. He has worked with a number of technologies including Rails and .net. His insights on marketing Django to traditionally Enterprisy areas were extremely informative. He produces TWiD, along with Brian Rosner which is great to keep abreast of the latest happenings in the Django community. He graciously agreed to be interviewed by the 42topics blog.

Shabda: Would you tell a little about yourself, how did you get started with Django, what other projects have you used or are associated with?

Michael: Well, I've been programming ever since I can ...

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Popularizing Django -- Or Reusable apps considered harmful.

By : Shabda Raaj

For all its technical merits, Django is still a very niche technology. It is my belief that the thing which is holding Django back the most, is due to one of its strengths.

Making reusable apps is easy and simple in Django. In Django this is the correct way to do things. You take a few apps, mix them together in your project, and deploy to start your site.

Compare the installation steps of Wordpress and an imaginary blog software better than Wordpress called Djangopress.


  1. FTP wordpress to webserver.
  2. Point browser to
  3. Next-Next-Next done.


  1. Svn ...

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Interview with Bob Massa - Internet marketing for technology startups

By : Shabda Raaj

Bob Massa is a pioneer in the field of Internet marketing. He has been working on Internet Marketing and Search Engine Placement since 1997. He has operated and SearchKing. He gained both fame and notoriety when he sued Google, which is a classic case study in PR stunts. We talked about the importance of SEO and Marketing for startups. More information about him can be had at or his blog at Ask the SEO guru.

Shabda: Would you tell us a little about yourself. How did you get started with SEO and Internet Marketing? What is ...

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Marketing lessons from Google

By : Shabda Raaj

Widely respected for their engineering talent, and amazing hacker culture, Google is never credited for the amazing marketing they do. When we look for the companies which have done a great job at marketing/branding, we think of Guiness, Apple, or Ikea. Today I want to talk about the marketing lessons we can learn from Google.

It is all about the ROI.

For Barcamp Hyderbad, Google let us use its offices. They generally let you use their premises for hacker events. Let us calculate the ROI for Google for allowing this event.

This event was on Saturday, so cost of ...

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