Building Chrome Extensions

By : Karambir Singh

In this blog post, we will look at how to build a chrome extension that can work with multiple online services. Specifically we will see how to update Trello web pages with relevant content from Google Drive. For a particular Trello board, we will update trello cards with data from Google Drive document.

Google Chrome extensions are nothing but some html, js files linked together that are running behind the scenes. Before starting out, we need to make sure that Developer mode is checked in chrome://extensions/.

Chrome extensions work by telling chrome about our html, js files using a ...

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Google diff match patch library

By : Manjunath Hugar

Diff match patch library is useful to compare the differences between the two texts.It compares the texts and displays what is added, removed or unchanged.

We use Python in our example below.

Let us see a quick example

Firstly, we will install diff match patch

pip install diff-match-patch

Moving forward we will import diff_match_patch

import diff_match_patch

Let us consider using two strings, we will name it as old_string and new_string

import diff_match_patch

old_string = """I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes,
I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can ...

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Django-SocialAuth - Login via twitter, facebook, openid, yahoo, google using a single app.

By : Shabda Raaj

TL;DR version: Here is an app to allow logging in via twitter, facebook, openid, yahoo, google, which should work transparently with Django authentication system. (@login_required, User and other infrastructure work as expected.) Demo and Code.Longer version follow:

We are releasing our new app. Django-Socialauth. This app makes it awfully easy, to allow users to login your site using Yahoo/Google/Twitter/Facebook/Openid. A demo is available here.

This is released under an Attribution Assurance License. A copy of the same is provided included with the code.

After installing this app, you can use @login_required on any view ...

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Python Wrapper on Bing API

By : lakshman

The newly launched search engine Bing has a simple restful API. We have created a thin Python wrapper over this API, which allows to query the Bing servers in a very pythonic way.

Installing this is as easy as easy_install bingapi.

[Or get it here or here ]


from bingapi import bingapi
bing = bingapi.Bing(<appid>)
bing.do_web_search('Usware Technologies')

The README from the project is posted below, which provides more details on using this. is a very thin python wrapper over the Bing API. Bing provides a very simple Restful interface to their search engine and provides ...

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Parable of the single sheep - Or How Google is destroying the internet, and nobody seems to know.

By : Shabda Raaj

This is a parable in two parts. Story and the Moral. If you are in a hurry you might want to skip ahead to the moral (But you miss the beautiful story).

The Story

Long ago was the kingdom of Foobr, a kingdom mostly of shepherds, who grazed their sheep under the benevolent but watchful eyes of their King Oggle. There were all types of shepherds in the kingdom, some had only a few sheep, and some had a few hundreds. The sheep too were of all types and varieties, some gave a ton of wool, and some only a ...

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Parable of the nofollow

By : piyush

Part 1: Webpage and the Umans

In a time not so long ago, and not so far off existed a country called Theweb. It was a well populated place, popluated with upstanding citizens who called themselves Webpage, and lived together in harmony.

Each Webpage knew some other web pages in Theweb, and though well of them. You could ask a Webpage if they knew another Webpage, and they always replied truthfully.

Next to Theweb existed another country called Realworld. Its citizens, called Umans started to trade with Theweb, and Webpages. When Umans wanted any information, they traded with Webpage which ...

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Marketing lessons from Google

By : Shabda Raaj

Widely respected for their engineering talent, and amazing hacker culture, Google is never credited for the amazing marketing they do. When we look for the companies which have done a great job at marketing/branding, we think of Guiness, Apple, or Ikea. Today I want to talk about the marketing lessons we can learn from Google.

It is all about the ROI.

For Barcamp Hyderbad, Google let us use its offices. They generally let you use their premises for hacker events. Let us calculate the ROI for Google for allowing this event.

This event was on Saturday, so cost of ...

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