Essential web-apps to run a software business.

By : Shabda Raaj

We work on a variety of products and with people. We work in a highly distributed environment, with all of our clients working remotely from us. And while we work out of the same office, we are frequently working from other places as well. Here are the tools which help us stay productive, sane and working. :)

For our open source projects we use Github.
For our client and non OS projects, we use Unfuddle.

For our client code we need both SVN and Git, and we need tickets which can be assigned to people. Both ...

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Web development companies working with Django

By : Shabda Raaj

At Agiliq, we work with some of the best web development agencies. I wanted a list of the other building web applications with Django, here is such a list, in no specific order.

  1. Additional View Tasmania, Australia
  2. Lincolnloop Colorado, USA
  3. Illusion Factory California, USA
  4. Syntress Chicago, USA
  5. Torchbox Oxfordshire, UK
  6. Liberiun Brazil
  7. Yed-Prior Now known as Djangostars Ukraine
  8. Tatum Interactive New York, USA
  9. Menttes Argentina
  10. Tarams Bangalore, India
  11. Cubedroot Ireland

And of course Agiliq


  1. Adoleo Texas, USA
  2. Siu Design United Kingdom
  3. Web Collective Seattle, USA
  4. Digital Eternal Malaysia
  5. Revolution Systems Lawrence, Kansas, USA
  6. Setaris New York City, NY, USA ...

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