Getting started with webapp2 and GAE

By : Akshar Raaj

Deploying a webapp2 app on Google app engine

We want to setup our dev environment to write a web application using webapp2 which we will deploy to Google app engine.


  • About GAE(Google App Engine)
  • Setting up dev environment for GAE
  • Running webapp2 locally
  • Deploying it on app engine

About GAE

They key points around GAE are:

  • It provides Platform as a Service. GAE is not Infrastructure as a service.
  • Fully managed environment. Your runtime, libraries and frameworks are managed, installed and updated behind the scene. You don't have to do sysadmin task. You don't have to ...

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Develop Twitter API application in django and deploy on Google App Engine

By : lakshman

Twitter's robust REST API enables building of good applications that leverage its increasingly large and real-time data.

Google's cloud system App Engine not only provides a scalable platform for deploying applications, but also proves to be economically viable because of its pay per resource usage model and a large free quota.

Little wonder then, there are increasingly large number of twitter apps being deployed on App Engine.

In this post, I am going to examine how to create a simple application based on twitter's REST API and deploy it on Google App Engine. A deployed version can ...

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Two Django+Appengine Tutorials

By : Shabda Raaj

I have posted two Tutorials for Using Django with Appengine.

And here a few good links about the topic.

  • James Bennet tells exactly why Appengine and Django are not so good together.
  • Ian Bicking has an interesting take on how Appengine can change the economics of Python hosting.
  • The guys at Joyent reading my mind on why I or you can not deploy any production site on Appengine. (Hint. you mean I can never move away, without writing half my ...

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Using Appengine with Django, why it is pretty much unusable

By : Shabda Raaj

We are hard at work building, and are looking at the best places to deploy this. So when I heard about Appengine, with out of box Django support(gasp!) I was delighted. After using it for a day, and posting a tutorial, I am so disappointed.

Peeves in no particular order.

  • Appengine is a very constrained environment, so out goes any chance to run background jobs.
  • The ORM-API is very similar to Django, but yet the Django API is much better. modelobj.filter('attr =', value1).filter('attr2 =', value2) or modelobj.filter(attr = value1, attr2 = value2). Putting entity level ...

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Google Appengine - First Impressions

By : Shabda Raaj

Google launched their EC2 competitor, Appengine yesterday, and all hell broke loose. And in about 24 hours, the 10,000 accounts were used up. Currently it is tied to only working with python, and Django 0.96.1 works out of the box. <!- - more - ->

The Good

  • Python powered. Django works out of the box.
  • No sysadmining chores.
  • Promise of infinite scalability with no configuration. (Ah!)
  • Free for now.

The Bad

  • Python powered, if you want to use ruby/java/php, sorry you are out of luck.
  • Your code is tied to Google. You might be able to reuse most of ...

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