Building a RESTful API with Django-rest-framework

By : Rakesh Vidya Chandra

API's turned to be the heart of every application in our time. With the rise of social media, API's are being developed at a faster pace and gaining a lot of attention. Gone are the days where RPC architectures like CORBA and XML-RPC are used to enable the exchange of information and REST has taken its place making its mark in getting the things pretty straight forward.

We use APIs in our everyday life. Take an instance booking a ticket for a movie through some website. Here is the process that takes place in the background. When dealing ...

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Using a Postman http client for efficient HTTP testing

By : Rakesh Vidya Chandra

Interacting with the API's have become a significant part of software development and constructing and testing them effectively will always boost up the business firm.

POSTMAN HTTP and REST client is one of its kind which makes the API testing process effortless. It is available as both a Google Packaged App and a Google Chrome in-browser app. It has got clean and intuitive user interface, with all the important features accessible within one click. The performance of the API testing process gets drastically affected by following features it has:

  1. Create request quickly
  2. Collections
  3. Environments
  4. Built-in authentication helpers

1. Create ...

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Dropbox file upload handler for django

By : Thejaswi Puthraya

Dropbox announced new pro plans last week and some accounts have had their storage size doubled. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could upload all our files to dropbox from our django webapp?

In this post, I write a custom file upload handler that will upload files from our application to dropbox.

Let us see how to use the custom file upload handler.

Install the Dropbox Python SDK before you setup your django app to handle the file uploads.

In your, add the following attributes (with the values filled):


# Optional values below

# The ...

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Getting trending Github projects via YQL

By : Shabda Raaj allows you to see the trending Github topics. They use for this, which use twitter retweets to find out the popular Github repos.

Since neither Repopular, nor Github have a RSS of these trending repos, I wanted to get a list of these. Here is how easy it is with YQL.

How we do it

  • Go to YQL console. Give the SQL query to get the data from the webpage.

  • where url="" and css="div.pad a" is the magic which select the webpage, and also what DOM elemenst we are interested in ...

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Topics : django API

Django-SocialAuth - Login via twitter, facebook, openid, yahoo, google using a single app.

By : Shabda Raaj

TL;DR version: Here is an app to allow logging in via twitter, facebook, openid, yahoo, google, which should work transparently with Django authentication system. (@login_required, User and other infrastructure work as expected.) Demo and Code.Longer version follow:

We are releasing our new app. Django-Socialauth. This app makes it awfully easy, to allow users to login your site using Yahoo/Google/Twitter/Facebook/Openid. A demo is available here.

This is released under an Attribution Assurance License. A copy of the same is provided included with the code.

After installing this app, you can use @login_required on any view ...

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Yahoo BOSS python api

By : lakshman

Yahoo has a search api with generous limits, BOSS. There are a few python apis around it. But we wanted a lighter api, and one which has the same interface as out Bing Python api. So here is the updated bingapi.(Now with as well). Or svn it from here


Usage is mostly compatible with bingapi

In [2]: from bingapi import bossapi

In [3]: api = bossapi.Boss('<appid>')

In [4]: api.do_web_search('Uswaretech')
Out[4]: ....

In [5]: api.do_news_search('salsa')
Out[5]: ...

In [6]: api.do_siteexplorer_search('')
Out[6]: .....

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Topics : API search yahoo

Python Wrapper on Bing API

By : lakshman

The newly launched search engine Bing has a simple restful API. We have created a thin Python wrapper over this API, which allows to query the Bing servers in a very pythonic way.

Installing this is as easy as easy_install bingapi.

[Or get it here or here ]


from bingapi import bingapi
bing = bingapi.Bing(<appid>)
bing.do_web_search('Usware Technologies')

The README from the project is posted below, which provides more details on using this. is a very thin python wrapper over the Bing API. Bing provides a very simple Restful interface to their search engine and provides ...

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