Provisioning Made Easy With Chef

By : Saket Bhushan

Managing Servers and scaling at will is hard. The bigger web players have put in years of effort, brute-forcing at times and re-iterating their methodologies, have come up with the secret sauce which they use to keep their cloud cool. The article is meant to be introductory rather than comprehensive. Chef has a steep learning curve, and in this post I wish to simplify few of the basic concepts. So, instead of going to the Chef Docs, finding searching, reading and re-reading, few of the beginner concepts are put at one place, which will help you get started on your ...

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Deploy Django App in 5 Easy Steps

By : Saket Bhushan

So you just bought a new VPS, have installed Ubuntu and want to deploy your django app, GREAT!! We shall get your app, up and running in 5 easy steps, using best(arguably) of tools available. The post is targeted to audience who are new to deployment arena, but assumes you are comfortable with developing basic django apps. We shall be using gunicorn as our server and nginx nginx as our reverse proxy and static hanlder. Here we go:

1. Login and OS Updation:

$ ssh root@{your_ip}

# apt-get update

# apt-get upgrade

# apt-get dist-upgrade

# dpkg-reconfigure tzdata #choose your time zone

2 ...

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Generating a pdf from an image using PIL and django

By : Saket Bhushan

In this post we shall be performing small image manipulation on the server side and allowing the user to download the pdf. This might be found useful if you design a quiz app and want to generate a certificate for the users. The various methods which can be followed to generate the certificate are:

  1. Have an image file to serve as a template, use css to place the username at the desired location.
  2. Have a pdf file, which can be edited to take the username of the current user if he has passed certain test.
  3. Have an image template ready ...

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