Link roundup 10

By : Thejaswi Puthraya

  • Troy Sobotka has a blog post on why GIMP is inadequate in the real world. Slightly worrying post.
  • Kevin McCarthy has an article on "How 3 companies (Yammer, Proxlet and Bocoup) use Node.js"
  • Pingdom has released a jaw-dropping article on "The Internet in 2010". A whopping 107 trillion emails were sent in the year!
  • Mathias Meyer has an exhaustive item on the different levels of monitoring with examples of services and software.
  • Yann Malet has written a neat post on how to write custom filters integrated into the django admin with a few lines of HTML.
  • bebraw on reddit ...

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Link roundup 9

By : Thejaswi Puthraya

Welcome to the first post of 2011!

  • The Eldarion Team has launched "Gondor: An effortless production django hosting". Currently, it is in private beta and going by the homepage sounds very exciting.
  • PK Shiu has graphically explained the workflow of South, the most preferred migration tool for django.
  • Andy McKay has written an article on how to integrate bleach, an HTML whitelist and sanitizer with django. Rather than escaping the user's input completely (like innocuous formatting tags), it escapes only the risky tags like script tags.
  • There is an interesting article on O'Reilly Answers on "5 Things You ...

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Topics : linkroundup
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