Exploring Authorize.net Payment Gateway Options and integrating it with django

By : lakshman

Authorize.net has a user base of over 200k merchants making it the largest payment gateway service provider. Most e-commerce solutions already integrate with Authorize.net, including our favorite e-commerce store Satchmo, developed in django, that we have covered earlier.

However, many shopping portals still require custom development. The robust REST API Authorize.net offers (AIM and SIM) allows for integration with e-commerce merchants' websites.

The AIM API allows for the check out of the customer within the merchant's site, it requires SSL certificate for the merchants site and data is to be transferred in an 128-bit encrypted format ...

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Create your own online store in few hours using satchmo (django)

By : rama

What is satcmo?

Satchmo is a django based framework which allows you to create an online store very quickly. Satchmo also offers powerful customizations which allows you to tune a store to your specific business needs.

Sample Demo Store : http://www.xfgw.info/store

Login details

  1. Use below mail and password to login into the site:
    Email : test@test.com password : welcome
  2. Use dummy credit card number like 4222-2222-2222-2222 (VISA) to make any purchases.

Above is the sample demo store which is being provided by satchmo outofbox just after installing it.

In this blog post we will discuss very basic ...

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Create a new social networking site in few hours using pinax platform (django).

By : rama

if you are excited to see how such a social networking site would like.Just follow the below link


We made the above site on pinax platform (Please note pinax has done most of things we have done very little).A platform for rapidly developing websites.

In this blogpost we will try to understand what pinax is? How it helps a developer to do things quickly? How to install & deploy? and various other things related to pinax.

What is Pinax?

In the present day world every website require components like regisration,openid support,some kind groups ...

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Django-subdomains - Easily create subscription based subdomains enabled webapps

By : Shabda Raaj

A common goal in web application development is creating subscription based application, where users can use their domains.

For example,
1. Basecamp allows you to manage your project, and gives users as subdomain like xyz.grouphub.com 2. Blogger goes a step further, and allows you to use arbitrary domains with your domain, using Cnames.

django-subdomains is an application which makes both these possible, and allows you to charge the users using paypal.

More details are available here, but to whet your appetite, some details

  1. You want to allow users to create accounts.
  2. Users should get a subdomain for their ...

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Finding keywords using Python

By : lakshman

Update: keywords2.txt is Pride and Prejudice from Project Gutenberg. Attached for convenience.

Finding keywords in a given snippet of text has many uses. From classifying web pages to fighting spam mails, keyword recognition is the first step in many algorithms.

We here show the naive Bayesian filter to find keywords, which was popularised by Paul Graham to discover spam mails.

Steps to find keywords.

  1. Have a large corpus of text against which we will compare.
  2. Find the relative frequency of words in corpus. Eg if your corpus is "the green way is very green way green". Relative frequency is ...

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Web development companies working with Django

By : Shabda Raaj

At Agiliq, we work with some of the best web development agencies. I wanted a list of the other building web applications with Django, here is such a list, in no specific order.

  1. Additional View Tasmania, Australia
  2. Lincolnloop Colorado, USA
  3. Illusion Factory California, USA
  4. Syntress Chicago, USA
  5. Torchbox Oxfordshire, UK
  6. Liberiun Brazil
  7. Yed-Prior Now known as Djangostars Ukraine
  8. Tatum Interactive New York, USA
  9. Menttes Argentina
  10. Tarams Bangalore, India
  11. Cubedroot Ireland

And of course Agiliq


  1. Adoleo Texas, USA
  2. Siu Design United Kingdom
  3. Web Collective Seattle, USA
  4. Digital Eternal Malaysia
  5. Revolution Systems Lawrence, Kansas, USA
  6. Setaris New York City, NY, USA ...

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Constraint programming in Python

By : Shabda Raaj

Imagine this, you want to solve a problem, the algorithm for which you do not know. You just know the problem.

From wikipedia,
Constraints differ from the common primitives of imperative programming languages in that they do not specify a step or sequence of steps to execute, but rather the properties of a solution to be found.

Assume that there exists an alternate world where you only need to specify the problem, the computer will find out an algorithm to find it, even better if could you write it in Python.

Stop assuming it hapens every day, and this is ...

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Django with Mysql and Apache on EC2

By : Shabda Raaj

What is EC2

Unless you have been living on Mars these last few years, you are sure to have heard of EC2. Amazon's cloud offering, it offers infinite scalability. Using EC2, you can bring up any number of machines online at minutes notice, and after you are done with them, bring them down.

How does EC2 work?

A EC2 machine is nothing but a bare machine. An Amazon Machine Image (AMI) is a machine bundled as an Image, with preconfigured software which you can start at moments notice. We will take a AMI with a basic Ubuntu installed, and ...

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By : rama

image In today's web world  we can’t underestimate the importance of search engine traffic to a website.As this traffic plays a key role we must take care that our web pages are also search engine friendly.

WebPages in which the content is constructed and displayed  by AJAX is not search engine friendly.Such content is not accessible to the crawler , as the result those pages are  not indexed in the search engines  by which we may miss a certain amount of traffic from a search engine.

So before using AJAX on a webpage for displaying content you must ...

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