Understanding Threads in Python

By : Akshar Raaj

We will see some examples of using threads in Python and how to avoid race conditions:

You should run each example several times to notice that threads are unpredictable and that your results differ every time.

Disclaimer: Forget anything you heard about GIL for now, because GIL is not going to mess up with scenarios I want to show.

Example 1:

We want to fetch five different urls:

Single threaded way:

def get_responses():
    urls = ['http://www.google.com', 'http://www.amazon.com', 'http://www.ebay.com', 'http://www.alibaba.com', 'http://www.reddit.com']
    start = time.time()
    for url in urls:
        print url
        resp = urllib2.urlopen(url)
        print resp.getcode()
    print "Elapsed time: %s" % (time.time()-start)


Output is:

http://www.google.com 200
http://www.amazon.com 200
http://www.ebay.com 200
http://www.alibaba.com 200
http://www.reddit.com 200
Elapsed time: 3.0814409256
  • All the urls are fetched in sequence.
  • Unless the processor got response from a url, it didn't fetch the next url.
  • Network operations are time taking, so processor was idle during the time it was expecting the response from a url.

Even in a single threaded program, there is one thread of execution. Let's call it main thread. So, last example had only one thread, i.e main thread.

Multi threaded way:

You need to create a class which subclasses Thread:

from threading import Thread

class GetUrlThread(Thread):
    def __init__(self, url):
        self.url = url 
        super(GetUrlThread, self).__init__()

    def run(self):
        resp = urllib2.urlopen(self.url)
        print self.url, resp.getcode()

def get_responses():
    urls = ['http://www.google.com', 'http://www.amazon.com', 'http://www.ebay.com', 'http://www.alibaba.com', 'http://www.reddit.com']
    start = time.time()
    threads = []
    for url in urls:
        t = GetUrlThread(url)
    for t in threads:
    print "Elapsed time: %s" % (time.time()-start)


Output is:

http://www.reddit.com 200
http://www.google.com 200
http://www.amazon.com 200
http://www.alibaba.com 200
http://www.ebay.com 200
Elapsed time: 0.689890861511
  • Appreciate the improvement in running time of this program.
  • We wrote a multi threaded program to decrease processor's idle time. While waiting for response of a particular thread's url, processor can work on some other thread and fetch the other thread's url.
  • We wanted one thread to act on one url, so overridden the constructor of thread class to pass it a url.
  • Execution of a thread means execution of a thread's run().
  • So, whatever we want the thread to do must go in its run().
  • Created one thread for each url and called start() on it. This tells the processor that it can execute the particular thread i.e the run() of thread.
  • We don't want the elapsed time to be evaluated until all the threads have executed, join() comes in picture here.
  • Calling join() on a thread tells the main thread to wait for this particular thread to finish before the main thread can execute the next instruction.
  • We call join() on all the threads, so elapsed time will be printed only after all the threads have run.
Few things about threads
  • Processor might not execute run() of a thread immediately after start().
  • You can't say in which order run() of different threads will be called.
  • For a specific thread, it's guaranteed that the statements inside run() will be executed sequentially.
  • It means that first the the url associated with the thread will be fetched and only then the recieved response will be printed.

Example 2:

We will demonstrate race condition with a program and then fix it:

Read wikipedia example to understand what race condition means.

#define a global variable
some_var = 0

class IncrementThread(Thread):
    def run(self):
        #we want to read a global variable
        #and then increment it
        global some_var
        read_value = some_var
        print "some_var in %s is %d" % (self.name, read_value)
        some_var = read_value + 1 
        print "some_var in %s after increment is %d" % (self.name, some_var)

def use_increment_thread():
    threads = []
    for i in range(50):
        t = IncrementThread()
    for t in threads:
    print "After 50 modifications, some_var should have become 50"
    print "After 50 modifications, some_var is %d" % (some_var,)


Run this and you will find different result every time.

  • There is a global variable and all the threads will modify it.
  • All threads should add 1 to the existing value of the variable.
  • There are 50 threads, so at end the value of some_var should become 50, but it doesn't.
Why some_var didn't reach 50?
  • At some point thread t1 read the value of some_var as 15 and then processor took the control from this thread and gave it to thread t2.
  • t2 also reads some_var as 15.
  • Both t1 and t2 reset the value of some_var to 15+1 i.e 16.
  • But when two threads act on some_var we expected it's value to be increased by 2.
  • So, we have a race condition here.
  • A similar race condition might have occurred few more times and so value of some_var at end remains something like 41 or 42 or anything less than 50.

Fix this race condition

Change the run() of IncrementThread to:

from threading import Lock
lock = Lock()

class IncrementThread(Thread):
    def run(self):
        #we want to read a global variable
        #and then increment it
        global some_var
        read_value = some_var
        print "some_var in %s is %d" % (self.name, read_value)
        some_var = read_value + 1
        print "some_var in %s after increment is %d" % (self.name, some_var)

You should run use_increment_thread again and the result will match your expectation.

  • Lock is used to guard against race condition.
  • If thread t1 has acquired the lock before performing a set of operations, no other thread can perform the same set of operation until t1 releases the lock.
  • We want to make sure that once t1 has read some_var, no other thread can read some_var until t1 is done with modifying the value of some_var.
  • So reading some_var and modifying it are logically related operations here.
  • And that is why we keep read and modify part of some_var guarded by a Lock instance.
  • Lock is a separate object and it will be acquired by the thread from whose context it is called.

Example 3

In last example we saw how a global variable gets affected in multithreading. Let's see an example to verify that one thread cannot affect the instance variable of some other thread.

Let's introduce time.sleep() in this example. It will make sure that a thread goes in suspended state and hence enforces thread switching to occur.

import time

class CreateListThread(Thread):
    def run(self):
        self.entries = []
        for i in range(10):
        print self.entries

def use_create_list_thread():
    for i in range(3):
        t = CreateListThread()


Run it few times and you will notice that the list do not get printed properly.

Possibly the entries of one thread was getting printed and during this operation, processor switched to some other thread and started printing the entries for other thread. We want to ensure that entries get printed one after another for separate threads.

Change run() of CreateListThread to use lock.

class CreateListThread(Thread):
    def run(self):
        self.entries = []
        for i in range(10):
        print self.entries

So, we put the print operation inside a lock. When one thread has acquired the lock and printing its entries, no other thread can print its entries. And so you will see entries of different threads printed on separate lines.

This will show that all threads' entries, which is an instance variable, is a list with numbers from 0 to 9. So, thread switching doesn't affect the instance variable of a thread.

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Shawn Milochik

Thanks for the great introduction. It was very easy to follow.

Kiss György 22nd Sept., 2013

Nice article, thanks!

Ilias 24th Sept., 2013

I think you have a bug on your last example. This is what works for me synchronizing the threads:

class CreateListThread(Thread):
def run(self):
global lock
self.entries = []
for i in range(10):
print self.entries

Akshar Raaj 28th Sept., 2013

Can you be more specific about the bug, the example works fine for me.

berkay 29th Sept., 2013

great examples, in second example if we add time.sleep(.01) after read_value = some_var it's better to see the some_var does not add to 50 otherwise depending on processor's scheduler it's mostly 50.

@Ilias the code is correct self.entries = [] is not a global variable. Only when started printing the entries of each thread, the others may print too, then it's not seen correctly printed out if lock is not used.


Can I translate your article to chinese?

Akshar Raaj 31st Oct., 2013

Sure, please do.


These examples rock! Thanks for sparing the time to teach others.

RIshabh Roy 27th March, 2014

hi actually i needed help in implementing my code using threads
currrently i am working on GOslate translate api

i want to make an application using this to tranlate text files
but iam unable to implement this using threads . plz suggest me how can i read the file line by line and translate it .

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Understanding Threads in Python - Agiliq Blog | Django web app development

Marcelo V. 6th July, 2014

Brillant information!! Thank you :)

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05/21/2014 May:Forty two:46 In the afternoon PDTClick photography to be able to enlargeThe USS Ponchatoula, above, has cleaned out connected with maritime development on Mare Tropical isle Dry out Docks, LLC within Vallejo. The particular the marketplace and old Group charter yacht before long will certainly check out Brownsville, Colorado, being sliced up plus reusable.

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Everybody Garcia manufactured intricate attempts to hide her brand as well as age group. He provided your young person, who'd entered the country illegitimately, with phony id as well as applied emotional and physical neglect to prevent her by fleeing. The teenager was first limited in a very car port, and also the few transferred typically in order to avoid detection. Throughout '07 Garcia received phony recognition forms on her behalf through Mexico to make sure they may got married.

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El-Sissi's only rival with this month's election can be leftist politician Hamdeen Sabahi. El-Sissi is predicted in order to win easily for the returning of the nationalist fervor holding the nation.

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"We're well aware of your character. We're knowledgeable of exactly what delivers,In . Pettine stated. "We're excited about this. It's something that we're incredibly able to attended right here, knowing that he has a chance to help to make all of us a better baseball crew along with a much better team.Inch [url=http://www.owenspark.net/product.php?product/model:187205/sku:55997010/nike-vapor-keystone-low-bg-boys-grade-school/black/white/?cm=searchboysshoes]Nike Vapor Keystone Low BG - Boys' Grade School[/url]
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  She states, “He’d been failing in someone’s couch. I had created identified the pup for a while, and so i asked arrive and that i fixed the pup track of a clean small towel. We seated on the your bed in addition to written for a short time, next, i went to sleep. When I woke up, he or she had been inside of us. [url=http://www.lavibesnyc.com/product.php?coach-embossed-logo-medium-red-shoulder-bags-bcg-p-47022.html]Coach Embossed Logo Medium Red Shoulder Bags BCG[/url]
, web design manager of the which is getting the property or home, known as Nauth's absence "Islamophobic along with racist." He was quoted saying which given that Nauth's election glory, can't stand email as well as scraps associated with pork — deemed ritually grubby with Islam — are already pushed to the mail from the Islamic community's prayer space. [url=http://www.lavibesnyc.com/product.php?celine-luggage-bags-crocodile-grain-leather-handbag-98170-black-p-50853.html]Celine Luggage Bags Crocodile Grain Leather Handbag 98170 Black[/url]
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I've seen more seasons of "The Bachelorette" than I would like to admit. I even watched some episodes of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" this past summer and felt my heart rate quicken every time some dumb fight arose, such as when Kylie stole some of Kim's clothes.
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"I'm studying which,Inches Jackson claimed, prior to laughing even louder .

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This Spanish team appeared to be clinging on until eventually defensive player Hans-Georg Schwarzenbeck stepped up so that you can hit dwelling an excellent right-footed equalizer from outside the region inside the 120th-minute. [url=http://www.lavibesnyc.com/product.php?prada-bt1299-handbags-black-p-49848.html]Prada BT1299 Handbags Black[/url]
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"So getting excited about this," he explained. "I believe you will find there's much better thought in my situation as well as the complete staff the way to be ready for the item, the best way to deal with a few days, ways to handle your time frame. Ideally, we'll be much better equipped following On the."

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• “The Voice” Hunting for tonight, NBC Also, “The Voice” were built with a past due trip last week, with the final a few offering their own very last performances for your voters. Last week, Christina Grimmie removed the moment conserve to really make the remaining towards Josh Kaufman and also Chris Worthington, neither of them who offers essential any help you save this year. A victory through Kaufman, whom performs for Crew Usher, means that the primary win for any coach in addition to Adam Levine or perhaps Blake Shelton – which, certainly, mentor another two runners up. [url=http://www.lavibesnyc.com/product.php?coach-kristin-lock-small-coffee-crossbody-bagsbed-p-47327.html]Coach Kristin Lock Small Coffee Crossbody BagsBED[/url]
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As an alternative, a agency — your # travel agency # with regard to Nippon tourists going to the Czech Republic — is definitely 100-percent-owned through GM Marketing and sales communications Minimal, a hazy British-registered company. [url=http://www.lavibesnyc.com/product.php?zippy-wallet-p-45626.html]Zippy Wallet[/url]
"We are pleased that this search has finished plus the sheriff's place of work possesses arrested Mr. Fleming,In . mentioned , spokesman with the Los angeles Team connected with Forestry along with Fire Safety. "We continuously support the police and the district attorney by any means we could since the legal procedure persists.Inches [url=http://www.lavibesnyc.com/product.php?celine-luggage-phantom-bags-suede-leather-atrovirens-p-51006.html]Celine Luggage Phantom Bags Suede Leather Atrovirens[/url]
Based on the Academic Advancement Document introduced by the NCAA Friday, all Auburn's fitness programs continue in good position.


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I paid for this one looking for a ideal gift for my personal mother. Your headphone emerged within a pretty purple tied package. This was ideal hunting gift less than some sort of christmas tree!! Some sort of headphone in addition looked beautiful, conversely our mother is actually great boned and headphone is actually some tight, however its outstanding present! I prefer it.

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Mix as you outfit ones Memorial Morning Table�by using�different patterns, structure and shades. Inside , just about every denture, container along with seat is one-of-a-kind. To ensure you provide respect at each and every convert that Memorial service Morning, make sure to contain brilliant grays as well as sensitive blues�while deciding on ones stand d�cor.


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It’s the craze throughout the A’s. Each one of Reddick’s teammates take presctiption mother board with all the song, big-time. “I love it, I actually instructed him or her that, ‘Dude, My business is excavating the item,’ ” explained Brandon Moss, who attack 2 two-run homers . “And he can accomplish it, I don’t realize precisely why, the idea suits your ex well. It’s an incredible music. It’s amazing, mainly because it’s so unpredicted, but additionally it’s one thing to be able to have fun on and enjoy every single time.”

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External its head office, 25-year-old McDonald's member of staff Jessica Davis claimed the lady was not focused on becoming arrested.

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Abby Porter as well as the girl mother, Shelly, have been in Kanas 66 went to the woman institution in Riverton beginning Thursday whenever Shelly were built with a professional medical crisis as well as given out behind the wheel, Galena Police force Primary Ray Delmont claimed Thursday night.

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Inside the seventh, your Falcons decided to go with Ct bank linebacker Yawin Smallwood and also South Dakota linebacker Tyler Starr.

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In such a lawless country, with many high ranking officials believed to be involved in trafficking narcotics, it is perhaps not surprising that Guinea Bissau, with its archipelago of islands that sprinkle its coastline, has become a hub for drug smuggling from Latin America to Europe. This has prompted fears that the drugs trade could further destabilise an already volatile country; Sanha had pledged to combat the flow of narcotics.
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Indicate Calcavecchia, whom embraced this first-round lead using Wes Short, submitted some sort of 3- below 69, nonetheless soaked to a fasten for 3rd with He Pernice, Jr., which picture 67 on Thursday.

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Your powers not really assigned to the U . s . by way of the Constitution, neither prohibited about it for the claims, are set-aside on the declares correspondingly, as well as to the people.

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Font ResizeRaiders' prime decide on Khalil Mack symptoms four-year commitment

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