Screencast: Django Tutorial Part 1

By : Shabda Raaj

Django Screencast Tutorial 1 from Shabda Raaj on Vimeo.

I am creating screencasts for Django tutorial and other Django videos. Here is part 1. Liked this? Leave me a comment or email me and tell me what would you like me to create screencasts for.

(Watch the screencast in full screen mode.)

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Thanks for the screencasts. They are very helpful. I'm newbie to django.

Can you please let me know how to display the "User" fields and "User Profile" fields in the Admin > User page in a grouped manner using ModelForms in django.

Ex: User Fields : First Name, Last Name
User Profile Fields : Nick Name, Middle Name

Display Format :
Personal Details
First Name
Middle Name
Last Name
Nick Name

NOTE : I'm not talking about using Model Inline feature.


sadf 14th Feb., 2012

I'd love to see more Django screencasts. :)


I really hope you make more of these videos soon. Thanks

Moss 4th May, 2012

More, more videos please :)

Adamus 5th May, 2012

Please new part :)

Adamus 5th May, 2012

"Leave me a comment or email me and tell me what would you like me to create screencasts for."

Maybe how to create basic (friends, private message, photos, info about user) social network site step by step

Prajwal 11th May, 2012

Creating screencasts for Django Best practices, Create a series(1,2,3 ).

It will be a great resource for the Django Community. ;)

webfan 20th May, 2012

Please next part tutorials! THX:)

dpman 26th May, 2012

How to create Django search with multiple filters and next part of tutorial!

Marjorie Roswell 11th Aug., 2013

would love a tutorial on how to build an attractive calendar, with option to view events in a list, with an RSVP button

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