Link roundup 10

By : Thejaswi Puthraya

  • Troy Sobotka has a blog post on why GIMP is inadequate in the real world. Slightly worrying post.
  • Kevin McCarthy has an article on "How 3 companies (Yammer, Proxlet and Bocoup) use Node.js"
  • Pingdom has released a jaw-dropping article on "The Internet in 2010". A whopping 107 trillion emails were sent in the year!
  • Mathias Meyer has an exhaustive item on the different levels of monitoring with examples of services and software.
  • Yann Malet has written a neat post on how to write custom filters integrated into the django admin with a few lines of HTML.
  • bebraw on reddit has put up a "List of javascript game engines". Some number for a language that has mainly been used on the web browser.
  • Facebook in collaboration with OSUOSL has launched Supercell, a testing infrastructure for open source projects.
  • Yee Lee has an insightful article on "How Facebook ships code".
  • Andrew Godwin and Ben Firshman have been working on their new venture which promises smart python hosting. The python deployment scene is slowly heating up. Interesting!
  • Here at agiliq, we launched an android app "Track your medicines". Still a work in progress and a learning journey for us! Stay tuned for a tutorial on how to write an app.

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