Link Roundup for week ending 5/11/2011

By : Thejaswi Puthraya

  • Jacob Kaplan-Moss has a beautiful article on concrete inheritance vs abstract models for inheritance. Must read!
  • Charles Leifer, the current maintainer of Django Snippets has an exhaustive blog post on setting up search using the Solr backend for Haystack.
  • Chris Heilmann has an interesting video on "Reasons to be Cheerful: being a web developer is awesome!"
  • Andy McKay defends the plain old non-reusable Django apps as they are easy to write, rapid to develop and have very little boilerplate code.
  • Piotr Malinski has a blog post on how to use web based image editors within django apps.
  • Derek Gathright shows how to use YQL and Javascript to write a Twitter OAuth client.
  • How WooMe is using django and postgresql and scaling up to tens of thousands of queries per second.
  • Learn Python The Hard Way, a beginner Python book written primarily by Zed Shaw is now up for sale in both e-book and dead tree editions.
  • Google releases an Apache module to run websites faster called mod_pagespeed. The module performs some optimizations on the caching, round-trip, payload size etc to improve page speeds. Should be an interesting weekend experiment to see how it copes with dynamic applications.
  • Here at agiliq, Javed wrote a wonderful post on "7 reasons why you should switch to Vim".

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