Link roundup for week ending 26/11/2010

By : Thejaswi Puthraya

  • In Washington Times' article on app-centric django development, they discuss the pros and cons of breaking your project into multiple apps.
  • Luke Plant writes how class based views in django views makes the code feel a bit like Ravioli (too many small classes with difficulty locating and identifying their functionality).
  • While we are at Ravioli, here is an interesting presentation about "How to stop writing Spaghetti code" in node.js.
  • Eric Holscher has a post on how to use Haystack search to index non-database content.
  • Facebook has written a blog post on "The underlying technology of Messages". Most of the projects are open-sourced. Interesting!
  • Bing has decided to contribute to the OpenStreeMap project. As a part of this initiative, they have hired Steve Coast (founder of OSM) and plan to open their Aerial imagery for use to OSM.
  • For all those who were left disappointed with Google's decision to discontinue Google Wave, there are plans by the company to release it as an Apache project.
  • Tim Bray has an introductory article on "What Android Is". Easy read for a newbie.
  • "Invent your own computer games with python" in a free eBook that plans to teach the basic concepts of writing a game in Python. What makes this effort interesting? This book was written to be understandable by kids as young as 10 to 12 years old!
  • In probably the biggest news of the week, Novell has sold itself to Attachmate for a reported sum of $2.2bn. Wonder who holds the copyrights for Unix now?

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