Link Roundup for week ending 12/11/2010

By : Thejaswi Puthraya

  • jQuery 1.4.4 and jQuery mobile alpha 2 were released this week. Progress on the jQuery mobile development seems to be very brisk at the moment.
  • Eric Holscher wrote a series of posts on building a django app server with Chef.
  • Do you generally have a tough time deciphering captchas? TextCaptcha is a service that uses text based questions to separate the humans from machines. It's got an API too!
  • Django Dose community catchup Episode #30 is out. Check it out today.
  • All references to the project name from the imports in the django tutorial have been removed in changeset 14066. Hopefully, this will clear the air for quite a few newbies!
  • Django 1.3 alpha 1 is out. Get involved (through sprints being organized this month and the next) for the upcoming release.
  • Phono is a jQuery plugin that turns any web browser into a phone; capable of making phone calls and and sending instant messages.
  • Jacob Kaplan-Moss has been experimenting with Buildbot and has come up with a series of posts explaining his requirements and documenting it.
  • BFG, a python web framework has merged with the Pylons project and will be known as Pyramid henceforth. A very interesting development!
  • RevSys conducted an office-hours on November 5th with Jacob and Frank taking questions on IRC from 50 odd participants. django-socialauth figured in the discussion and there were complaints about the lack of documentation. We are listening and plan to improve it!

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