Github in github

By : Shabda Raaj

We have a (semi) new app. This takes your Github account and creates Github pages from it. It displays a summary of your account, and of all your apps. Get it at github


Takes a github account, creates html pages for it, and puts it on Github pages.

How it proceeds.

  1. Get data for specified account from Github API
  2. Uses Jinja2 to write ReST docs.
  3. Build html from the ReST docs.
  4. Pushes the html to a Git repo from which you build github pages.

tl;dr: Yo dawg, I heard you like github, so I put a github in your github, so you can github while you github.


  1. Git clone
  2. Create from
  3. edit
  4. (optional) Edit build/ to edit sphinx settings.
  5. ./
  6. Here be magic.


Example page generated.

Get it at github

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