Getting trending Github projects via YQL

By : Shabda Raaj allows you to see the trending Github topics. They use for this, which use twitter retweets to find out the popular Github repos.

Since neither Repopular, nor Github have a RSS of these trending repos, I wanted to get a list of these. Here is how easy it is with YQL.

How we do it

  • Go to YQL console. Give the SQL query to get the data from the webpage.

  • where url="" and css="div.pad a" is the magic which select the webpage, and also what DOM elemenst we are interested in.

  • We get this data in JSON format which is munged to get the list of links.

  • This list of links is passed via is_github_project which gets me just the Github projects.

  • And we are done.

PS. YQL is amazing.

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