Writing your own template loaders

By : Shabda Raaj

Django has three builtin template loaders which are used to get the templates for rendering.

#     'django.template.loaders.eggs.load_template_source',

Writing your template loader is a awfuly easy. It is a callable which

  1. Returns a tuple of (openfile, filename) if it can find the template.
  2. Raise TemplateDoesNotExist if the templates cannot be found.

The simplest template loader can be

from django.template import TemplateDoesNotExist
def load_template_source(template_name, template_dirs=None):
            return open(template_name).read(), template_name
        except IOError:
            raise TemplateDoesNotExist, template_name

if you put this to your template loaders directory,

#     'django.template.loaders.eggs.load_template_source',

You can do access a template using an absolute path.

In [6]: get_template('/home/shabda/abc.txt')
Out[6]: <django.template.Template object at 0x91c860c>

In [7]: temp = get_template('/home/shabda/abc.txt')

In [8]: temp
Out[8]: <django.template.Template object at 0x9358a0c>

In [9]: temp.render
Out[9]: <bound method Template.render of <django.template.Template object at 0x9358a0c>>

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Alex Gaynor

Fair warning, the template loader API is going to be changing in the coming weeks as a part of ticket #6262, old ones will continue to work though.

charlie 22nd Nov., 2009

So, is there any real reason why I would like to create my own template loader?

hgreg 22nd Nov., 2009

i'm with charlie…what's the point of this?


Yes, for example, if you are using app_directories.load_template_source, then your template structures look like,


While I would like them in


This can be done via writig your own template loaders.


as always, enjoying the posts. thanks.


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