Django design patterns

By : Shabda Raaj

This is announcement about our new work, Django design patterns, a ebook about, well, Django design patterns. (Well imagine that!). Here is the readme copied from there.

[Edit] Syntax highlighting and indentation preservation were totally brroken. Fixed now.

Django design patterns is a book about commonly occuring patterns in Django. Not patterns in Gof sense, but patterns in the sense, we work this way, and it works for us. For us it is a ~pattern of work~ sense.

At this point this is just a lot of brain dump from us.

The latest sources are always available from and latest html from

Please leave errata, feedback, critique as comments here.

This is still very much a work in progress, released in the spirit of release early, release often. Click here to get it, or fork it on Github

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Tiago S. 3rd July, 2009

This is really interesting. Thanks for doing it.

I'd like to keep up with the progress, but I didn't find any rss on the github's project file, so I don't know if it's possible.

Vitaly Babiy

This is really awesome, going to keep up with the progress


@tiago here you go.

Or follow us on twitter(@uswaretech), where we will make announcement, when we do a major update to the book.

Jonathan Biddle

I just skimmed through and already picked up some great ideas. Thanks a ton for this!

bayo opadeyi

thanks, very handy. Is your github download up to date by any chance?
I noticed a small typo that may trip noobies to django in the multiple model manager's section:
class ModelClassApprovedOnlyManager(models.Manager):
self.get_query_set().filter(is_approved = True)

the code does not include the def statement and all... but again this is for internal use i guess

Adam 6th July, 2009

Under Workflow, varius is a typo

Paul 15th July, 2009

This is a great thing you have done!

I will definitely use this to improve my Django understanding and skills!

Cromulent 25th Jan., 2012

Amazon sells the eBook for $.99. But at B&N its 24 bucks. What gives? I've got a Nook but I'd rather pay the Amazon price.




As of right now the formatting is faulty, losing crucial whitespace.

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This comment was originally posted on Reddit


Thanks, Will there be a pdf version of this book released at any time?

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Liked “Django design patterns book (in progress) @ The Uswaretech Blog”

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Glad to see I’m already following a lot of these patterns. Love docs like this, even though it has some typos, spelling errors, etc. Also, picked up some tricks that I feel stupid for not picking up previously.

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Steve Lacy

This needs a *lot* of flushing out, and many more code & app examples. A section on data denormalization would be great.

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