Python Wrapper on Bing API

By : lakshman

The newly launched search engine Bing has a simple restful API. We have created a thin Python wrapper over this API, which allows to query the Bing servers in a very pythonic way.

Installing this is as easy as easy_install bingapi.

[Or get it here or here ]


from bingapi import bingapi
bing = bingapi.Bing(<appid>)
bing.do_web_search('Usware Technologies')

The README from the project is posted below, which provides more details on using this. is a very thin python wrapper over the Bing API. Bing provides a very simple Restful interface to their search engine and provides results in JSON and XML interface.

With, we query the rest urls to get the JSON response, which is parsed with just adds simple niceties like logging and error handling.


easy_install bingapi

or Svn it from


To use this library, you need to have an Appid from Bing. You can get it from

The meat of is talk_to_bing function. It takes a query(eg. salsa) and a sources(eg. web) and other optional parameters in extra_args (eg. {'web.offset': 40}) and returns the dictionary of Bing's response.


In [2]: from bingapi import bingapi

In [3]: bing = bingapi.Bing('<Your Appid>')

In [4]: bing.talk_to_bing('salsa', sources='web')

In [5]: bing.talk_to_bing('salsa', sources='web', extra_args={'web.offset':40})

Class Bing also provides utility functions to do the various types of seraches so you dont have to remember the source type.

The various functions available are,


All of them are used similarly.

In [6]: bing.do_web_search('salsa')

In [7]: bing.do_image_search('salsa')

In [8]: bing.do_answers_search('what is salsa')

If you want to use multiple sources in one call you can use talk_to_bing directly as

In [10]: bing.talk_to_bing(query='salsa', sources='web news')

But, but.. Why bing? you ask. Well, other than the fact that bing search is indeed better in some areas, particularly multimedia, bing has fairer usage quota and API restrictions.


Developing a search mashup? Bing API? Yahoo, Google APIs? We can help.

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Developer Blog

Bing it on!...

Ten days have passed since we launched the new Bing API, and we are happy to share with you, the developer...

Erik Karulf

Hi All,

Two questions
1) What is the project license?
2) Could you try importing Python 2.6's builtin json module and fall back to simplejson ?




The wrapper is Open Source and released under the liberal GPL v3 license.

toxicafunk 13th June, 2009


I keep getting this error when using easy_install:

ImportError: No module named ez_setup

seems like you're missing a file.

Pablo 22nd July, 2009

Thanks for this tool but, is there any way to modify the language setting ?
(for eg, I'm in france but sending queries in "english"... the result contains only "french")
any help ?

Pablo 23rd July, 2009

Ok, I figured it out.
Just had to add "language:en" at the end of the query.

Jeff 6th Feb., 2012

talk_to_bing returns 10 results by default, or I'm doing something wrong. I was expecting 40. Still, works great. Thanks!

pybing-user 27th June, 2012

Are there plans to update this? With the new Search API 2.0, AppID isn't supported anymore - and you need to use a Account Key instead, and authentication step is very different.

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Python Wrapper on Bing API - Agiliq Blog | Django web app development
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The great thing about this is that the code ( consists of 64 lines total of pure python code with no dependencies. Works out of the box with any Python code.

This comment was originally posted on Reddit


Haven’t been testing out Bing like some of the others out there. Just took a quick look at Bing news search–they incorporate news results with top blogs? That seems interesting to me. Is that unique, anyone know? I don’t see it in Google News.

This comment was originally posted on Hacker News


OK, great, but can we please avoid the "Bing API for X" flurry from here on out? Yes, I’m sure there will soon be Bing APIs for Clojure, Haskell, Perl, PHP, C, C++, and so on and so forth.If I want them, I’ll Google for them.

This comment was originally posted on Hacker News


Agreed.As for the actual api it’s here:

This comment was originally posted on Hacker News


Python bing api :

This comment was originally posted on Twitter


Python bing api : (via@dnene)

This comment was originally posted on Twitter


Python Wrapper on Bing API — (via@dnene)

This comment was originally posted on Twitter

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