Django-subdomains - Easily create subscription based subdomains enabled webapps

By : Shabda Raaj

A common goal in web application development is creating subscription based application, where users can use their domains.

For example,
1. Basecamp allows you to manage your project, and gives users as subdomain like 2. Blogger goes a step further, and allows you to use arbitrary domains with your domain, using Cnames.

django-subdomains is an application which makes both these possible, and allows you to charge the users using paypal.

More details are available here, but to whet your appetite, some details

  1. You want to allow users to create accounts.
  2. Users should get a subdomain for their account. This is most useful in a UGC webapp, as users prefer as if they came to
  3. Users should be able to get a domain for use with their account. So the users should be able to use
  4. You should be able to charge users for the account creation etc.

[ Ready yet? Download now ]

The license terms allows you to use this application for free in OpenSource apps, but commercial use requires that you buy a license from

This is still pretty unpolished, so we were unsure of whether to charge a license fee for it, but we are polishing it, and you are always entitled to lifetime upgrades and support, so we choose to release it early in spirit of "Release early, release often."

Django-subdomains - Easily create subscription based subdomains enabled webapps

And easy_install django-subomains is all you need.

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