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image In today's web world  we can’t underestimate the importance of search engine traffic to a website.As this traffic plays a key role we must take care that our web pages are also search engine friendly.

WebPages in which the content is constructed and displayed  by AJAX is not search engine friendly.Such content is not accessible to the crawler , as the result those pages are  not indexed in the search engines  by which we may miss a certain amount of traffic from a search engine.

So before using AJAX on a webpage for displaying content you must aware of the following:

1) The content displayed by AJAX is not search engine friendly and is not indexed by search engines.

if you feel such content to be search engine friendly use normal webpages instead of pages powered by AJAX.

please note that you can still use AJAX for displaying  items in a webpage other than content like forms,sliders etc… for improving  user communication without losing  search engine friendliness of a page.

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