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At uswaretech we strive hard to keep track of the latest happenings in Django.To assist  in this  we have created a Django popular stories widget which lists down the popular stories in django.We are writing about it as we wanted to share this widget to the django community to who, it may be helpful.Please have look at the widget which is appearing at the bottom of this post.And also the source code of this widget is available to everyone who want to use in their own applications.More details at the bottom of this post.

How does it work?

We populate the popular stories in the widget by examining the Google Reader shared items,delicious, magnolia  bookmarks related to django in friendfeed  thereafter ranking them to bring out the popular ones.These popular ones are displayed on the widget. The below  diagrams illustrates the above process.


Django Widget

What do you think of it? Please  provide your feedback in comments.

 Source Code:The source code of the above widget is available under GNU General Public License (GPL) .Feel free to use the above code in your application.You can get the sourcecode  by following the below steps.

1)Download using the below link :

2)(or) you can also retrieve the latest code from the uswaretech svn repositories by using the following command

svn export  localfoldername

Please read the README.txt inside the downloaded folder for more details on using the code and for the submission of the patches.Feel free to use this code in your own applications.

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