Two Django+Appengine Tutorials

By : Shabda Raaj

I have posted two Tutorials for Using Django with Appengine.

And here a few good links about the topic.

  • James Bennet tells exactly why Appengine and Django are not so good together.
  • Ian Bicking has an interesting take on how Appengine can change the economics of Python hosting.
  • The guys at Joyent reading my mind on why I or you can not deploy any production site on Appengine. (Hint. you mean I can never move away, without writing half my code?)

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Your tutorial on using django with App-Engine was the absolute worst tutorial I have ever wasted my time following. It just took me at least an hour and a half to get that sick mess working. You misspell files, directories, etc.. Your names for the app, packages and such are not consistent. Seriously, you need to redo the whole fucking thing, because it does not work. Not even a little bit.

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